5 ways to use zip ties in and around your home


You might not have expected this, but you can use zip ties for a lot of different things. You probably already knew that they can be useful for keeping things in place, but they can also be used for different things around your house that you might not have thought of before. These are five ways to use zip ties in and around your house.


If you need to organize the pieces of paper lying around your house because you don’t have a notebook, then zip ties can definitely help you out. If you stack all the papers, punch a hole in them with a hole puncher and put a zip tie through the hole, you have created a notebook for yourself. That way, you will never loose a paper again!


It is really frustrating when one of your zipper breaks. Especially since it is not that easy to replace the whole zipper. But luckily, you don’t have to! When you put a zip tie through your zipper, you can use the zip tie to open and close your bag, jacket or suitcase. A great temporary solution!


If you like organizing, then zip ties are your best friends. You can use zip ties to organize your home in different ways. When you don’t have a key chain, you can use a zip tie to tie them together. If you don’t want to spend hours picking out an outfit in the morning, you can tie clothes hangers together with a zip tie to make sure certain outfits stay together. Another way to use zip ties to organize, is to tie your cables together.


If you don’t have any oven mitts, tie wraps can also help you lift the lids of your pots and pans while you’re cooking. If the lid is too hot to lift by itself, you can attach a tie wrap to the lid and use that to lift it. That is a lot safer than grabbing the handles with a towel or your bare hands!

Shower curtain

If you have just purchased a new shower curtain but forgot the rings to hang it with, you can easily DIY some curtain rings to hang up your shower curtain. If you have zip ties in different colors, you can even match the color of your bathroom and give your DIY-project a little creative twist.


When you have used a zip tie and want to get rid of it, you usually cut it. But then it becomes pretty much useless. Did you know you can reuse your zip ties? There is a little on your zip tie. If you push the clasp with tweezers, it will open and you’ll be able to pull your zip tie off without having to cut it. And that means that you can reuse it.

Who knew that zip ties could be so versatile?